Lean six sigma training and Project Management Training

Project Management Training Course


Project Management Training Course

In today’s modern world it is essential that leadership training is undertaken in organizations. Type of skills offered include:

Managing  Mentorship: Creating a Partnership . Launching an Initiative (Personal Interaction)
 Leadership and ethics
Handling Mistakes and errors in judgement
Global Travel and Culture
Focus and Discipline Managing Professional and Personal Interaction
Managing and Conducting effective professional Meetings interaction (Personal Interaction)
Managing and Leadership Communications (Personal Interaction)
Managing and Leadership Styles and Tendencies (Personal Interaction)
Managing and Leading Strong Teams versus weak teams (Personal Interaction)
Developing Personal Leadership (professional interaction)
Managing Motivation and team morale
Motivational Leadership (professional interaction)
Multi-Tasking (professional interaction)
Network Through Community Service (professional interaction)
Network to Build Business Connections (professional interaction)
Project Management Training Course
Networking to Promote Your Business (professional interaction)
New Employee Orientation
Managing professional Performance Appraisal
Performance Defined
Managing professional Planning
Share the Glory (professional interaction)
Strategic Planning
Succession Planning
Talent Selection: Criteria and Screening and interviewing
Interviewing (professional interaction)
Time Control to Work on Your Business
Time Management (professional interaction)
Vision, Mission, and Values
Visionary Leadership


Although the above skills are often regarded as “soft skills” they can have a substantial impact on a business productivity and profitability. After all machines and buildings are not going to achieve the objectives of an organisation. It is the people.

In addition the following key training courses need to be considered to obtain a fully rounded manager:


Training Courses including project management training courses can be offered on-site or off-site. What is important is that maximum benefit is derived from the respective course. This is important in order to achieve the maximum return on investment from the respective training course,

For further details please contact Hayley on (011) 882 8853


Courses can be held in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and all major centres.





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